What is Neuroplastic Surgery?

Neuroplastic or neuroplastic and reconstructive surgery is the surgical specialty involved in reconstruction or restoration of patients who undergo surgery of the central or peripheral nervous system. The field includes a wide variety of surgical procedures that seek to restore or replace a patient’s skull, scalp, dura (the protective covering of the brain and spinal cord), the spine and/or its overlying tissues. Its mission is to "bridge the gap" between neurosurgery and plastic surgery, in an effort to make sure all neurosurgical patients have complete preservation and/or restoration of their pre-operative appearance.

What is the Society of Neuroplastic Surgery?

Founded in 2018, the Society of Neuroplastic Surgery (SNPS) is dedicated to fostering patient care, education and research in this new burgeoning field. Furthermore, through our multidisciplinary collaborations and unique member support, we aim to advance the art, science, and technology surrounding Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery .