Neuroplastic Surgery Lab

At Johns Hopkins, we have a long-standing tradition of delivering the best neurosurgical care. We push the frontiers of discovery forward in an effort to develop new and more effective therapies. We strive to bring scientific research and discovery into clinical services to improve the lives of our patients. Each day, our team work to address the most difficult medical questions: how to treat and eventually cure and prevent the devastating disorders of the neurological system. We are driven by the needs of our patients and the promise of discovery.

The neuroplastic surgery lab is always on the lookout for talented postgraduates and students who are interested in neuroscience and a desire to work on exciting new technological developments that affect human brain disease.

Students and collaborators at all levels are welcome to observe surgical cases

The lab is located Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

5210 Alpha Commons Drive

Alpha Center Suite 116

Baltimore, MD 21224

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Deborah Weidman:

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